A rocket hits the airport where US forces are stationed in Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad – A rocket hit the airport in Baghdad, Iraq. It is known, the airport is where the United States (US) troops are on duty.

Reported by AFP, an Iraqi security official said there were no casualties due to the airstrike. In addition, the rocket attack did not cause fatal damage.

No one has claimed the airstrike. The rocket fire was the 29th attack on American troops in Iraq since October last year.

The United States authorities have accused the armed groups that fired the rockets from Iran. In January, a US drone killed an Iranian military commander, Qasem Soleimani. This triggered new tensions between the United States and Iran.

Baghdad International Airport has been closed since the Iraqi government imposed a lockdown because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Known Corona cases in Iraq reached 13,000 cases, including 400 deaths from the virus.

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