Germany Extends Prohibition of Tourists from Outside Europe

Germany extended a ban on tourist visits from 160 countries outside Europe until the end of August. The extension of the visit ban was made after Germany succeeded in suppressing the rate of corona virus transmission.

The German government on Wednesday (10/6) agreed to extend the ban on visits from foreign tourists outside European countries. The extension of this ban was carried out after Germany relaxed a number of lockdown rules.

Reported by the Associated Press, since last week Germany began to open visit permits for tourists from 27 countries in Europe.

The State of Panther imposed a ban on visiting foreigners since March 17 amid a surge in the Covid-19 case.

Over the past month Germany has gradually reopened business activities and social restrictions. However, Chancellor Angle Merkel said it was too early to claim it was free from the potential of the second wave of corona virus.

The Robert Koch Institute of Public Health (RKI) said the reproduction rate of the corona virus (R0) in Germany had risen to 1.1, which means that 10 people with Covid-19 infected an average of 11 other people.

RKI warns that infection rates are still controlled and slowed down so R0 must remain below one.

Most shops and playgrounds have reopened, schools have gradually reopened.

While restaurants, gymnasiums, and places of worship in several states also began to be opened by implementing additional health procedures. Bundesliga soccer competition has been re-contested since May 16 with a limited number of spectators in the stadium.

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