Malaysia reopens after Corona’s 3-month lockdown

Malaysia reopened almost all economic and social activities on Wednesday (10/6), after the country made a lockdown for almost three months due to the corona virus.

The Malaysian government decided to reopen its activities after successfully reducing the number of Covid-19 infections.

With the reopening of the country, Malaysians can take a domestic holiday, cut hair and shop at the market. Schools and religious activities will also gradually be resumed.

As quoted by the Associated Press, Malaysia entered the recovery phase until the end of August by continuing to implement several restrictions. Local officials have warned that restrictions will be reinstated if the infection soars again.

Nightclubs, pubs, karaoke bars, theme parks and reflexology centers will be closed during this period. Contact in sports or involving many spectators such as soccer and other mass activities is still prohibited.

Meanwhile, one hairdresser said he was happy to be back at work. However, the hairdresser named Shirley Chai was nervous about strict health rules, especially the one hour limit for each client.

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Very excited because everything has changed,” Chai said at her salon located in the Kuala Lumpur shopping center.

Until now Malaysia has 8,336 confirmed infections and 117 deaths. Daily cases have dropped to only seven new infections since Monday, this figure being the lowest since the lockdown began on March 18.

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